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Columbia Journalism School was thrown into a tizzy recently with the revelations that there had been improprieties surrounding the school's ethics exam. But now a couple weeks have gone by, and the news reports have slowed to a trickle. Of course, that doesn't mean that all is well in Morningside Heights. A tipster reports from the bowels of the J-school:

The administration is still conducting a witchhunt behind the scenes. Someone gave up names (I know who the rat is, and I'm pissed off enough that I'd love to see her name published and her humiliated), and they're attempting to establish who passed on the exam questions on down the line. Problem is, some of her accusations are completely false (I know that for a fact.)

The person who's naming names was overheard in a public place sharing information about the exam, so she was being investigated. I'm not sure if the administration promised her leniency if she ratted out other people or she volunteered that information on her own to try to lessen her punishment, but either way she's doing it to protect her own ass — at the expense of some innocent people.

They know they have no proof so the academic affairs committee is trying to get a confession from innocent people by telling them that OTHER people have also given their names, even though we've all conferred and no such thing happened. Basically the school is lying to try to get people to confess to something they didn't do. Columbia is fucking with peoples' futures and I'm so angry with them, I'd love to see this come to light and embarass them.

And there you have it. If you've got further updates, you know where to send 'em.

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