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  • Ad Age's Media Mavens: A remarkably diverse group. [copyranter]
  • Who's getting canned at Time Inc.? It's a holiday mystery! [WWD]
  • Fox News: Here's the name of that broad what got raped. [Radar]
  • Philadelphia papers rank-and-file not exactly thrilled with labor deal. [Philadelphia Inquirer]
  • Gossip under threat in Great Britian. [Guardian]
  • Pretty much everyone's gonna go with a "gets off" joke about Girls Gone Wild auteur Joe Francis' lenient sentence for using underage girls in his videos; we're still trying to work something out concerning anal violation. [AP]
  • Rolling Stone reality show contestant disabused of romantic notions about the magazine: ""I guess I had this romantic idea in my head of people under their desks shooting heroin in their eyeballs." Sorry, kid, that's just the readers. [WWD]