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With all the bongo-beating build-up to tomorrow morning's announcement of the Golden Globe movie nominations, it's easy to forget that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's annual awards ceremony also celebrates excellence in the Dramatic Televised Arts. And where Emmy voters are seemingly bound by conservative voting practices (or just can't be bothered to watch the screeners in the first place), the HFPA members are free to reward on merit alone, often taking it upon themselves to champion groundbreaking programming in its nascency. THR looks at the chances for some of this TV season's boldest new voices, including Aaron Sorkin's drama about the serious-minded people who make sketch comedy, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip:

"I try not to think too much about the stuff that's out of my control, like awards," Sorkin says. "But that said, it meant a lot to me and everyone connected to 'West Wing' to get that recognition from the Hollywood Foreign Press right out of the gate. We were by no means a slam-dunk hit at that point, and it helped do for us what that organization historically seems to do best: turn critical hits into popular hits."

A Golden Globes win for the ratings-deficient Hollywood insider drama—whose core audience seems to be composed primarily of Hollywood insiders watching to see if it could possibly get any more not-insidery than it did the week before—might be precisely the kind of confidence builder Sorkin needs to get his wobbly new show on its feet: If not Best Drama (because, let's face it, the HFPA may be junket whores, but they aren't stupid), then perhaps at least a nod to Matthew Perry, whose trophy might read Best Actor in a Television Drama, but who we all know will really be winning for Outstanding Ability By An Actor To Deliver Straightfaced Dialogue About How In Love He Is With An Adorable, Abundantly Talented Romantic Foil Who Is Neither Adorable Nor Abundantly Talented.