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In today's episode: Robert Duvall, Thandie Newton, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Vartan, Avril Lavigne, Melissa Padrón and Paul Herman; Chazz Palminteri, Robert Davi, Stephen and Billy Baldwin; Britney Spears and Justin Long; Jeremy Piven, Dee Snider and Kurt Fuller; Andie MacDowell; James Woods; Andy Dick; Ron Livingston; Liev Schreiber; John C. Reilly; Elijah Wood, Busy Phillips, James Denton, Curtis Armstrong and Kevin McDonald; Brooke Shields and Lukas Rossi; Frankie Muniz; Adam Brody; Rob Dyrdek; Ben Savage; Jason Wahler and Andy Milonakis; Fiona Apple, B.J. Novak, Robert Wuhl, Dave Eggers and Jonah Hill; Scott Baio and John Kalodner; Sarah Silverman; Larry Joe Campbell and Neil Flynn; Sean Hayes; Connie Britton, Famke Jannsen and Selma Blair; Jordana Brewster; Catherine O'Hara; Bob Newhart; Clarence Williams; Thomas Lennon; Jason Hervey; Danielle Rees and Darren Robinson; Zooey Deschanel; Richard Benjamin; Tom DeLonge, Adam Busch and Amber Benson.

· It was packed at Ago last night on 12/7. Quite a few sightings, some very random. Thandie Newton walks in with a guy with dark, scraggly hair and about 5'10. She heads for the ladies and then to a table outside afterwards. She is stunning. Flawless skin and about 5'7. Thin, but very graceful looking. A real beauty. I had my back to the door, but my Dad spotted Robert Duvall walking in. Came in with his wife and went right outside to a table despite a packed bar waiting for tables. Looks just like you'd expect. Kind of funny - the maitre'd told him to watch his step up to the outdoor patio and Duvall kind of paused on the step and hesitated. Either he was pissed that the guy thought to tell him to watch out because of his age or he was really steadying himself. He looks pretty good for his age. Next, Dolph Lundgren was milling around. Buzzed hair cut and very fit, good looking guy. We were inside and my brother's gf spotted a guy through the window sitting about an arm's length from me - Michael Vartan. Great hairline and handsome - he was sitting down, so no height info. Avril Lavigne went to the ladies twice (also sat outside) - she was very tiny and short, wearing a very hip outfit of jeans and a vintage coat. So small. Also spotted Real World Miami girl (Melissa Padrón) and Beansie from the Sopranos (Paul Herman).

This was better than last time about a month ago: Lundgren again (is this his spot or what?!?!) and a table of Chazz Palminteri, Robert Davi (of Goonies and Die Hard fame) and two Baldwins (Stephen and Billy). That time was hilarious, though, because some guy said something to Stephen, and all I heard Stephen say was, "Thanks a lot man, but I'm Stephen."

· Last night (12/7) went w/ a couple of friends to "Black Out" (a cabaret show at Aqua in Beverly Hills)... my friend who suggested it knows some dancers, choreographers and managers involved in the show. She asks one of the afore mentioned choreographers/managers if we can sit in the middle part w/ all the pillows on the floor (we got there early but not early enough to score a seat... although there was a huge table being reserved for someone that remained empty). Well... the table was reserved for Britney Spears, and when she showed up (a few minutes before the start of the show)... it was decided by her & her entourage that our seats looked like more fun... so they had us removed... and we had to stand in the back cuz Britney's hangers on didn't want to give up the table to us, even though they had taken our seats. Thanks Britney.

Not that he deserves any of the blame... but I had more respect for the "Mac Guy" (Justin Long) who was apparently in her entourage... having run into him around town... he seemed like a nice guy. Too bad he got mixed up w/ BS.

· I don't know why, but I've been having a ton of celeb sightings lately.

Last week, I was stopped at a crosswalk by the school in my neighborhood (West LA/Westwood), and Kurt Fuller (Wayne's World, that new show with Wendy Malick) walked right in front of me, taking his daughter to school.

Last night (12/11) I was at LAX, and saw both Jeremy Piven and Dee Schneider of Twisted Sister (not together) at baggage claim. Jeremy looked like a pimped out version of himself (hat, leather jacket, on the phone the whole time), while Dee Snider just looked like himself, albeit a scruffy version (hey, it was midnight) of the guy we see on those VH1 or E! shows. He had on black tight jeans, a trucker cap, and was carrying a gold briefcase. Yeah, I don't know.

Finally, today, I saw Andie MacDowell at the Lather store in Pasadena. She was shopping with a friend, and was dressed as an equestrian in riding boots, brown riding pants, and a brown sweater. She is still absolutely gorgeous.

· Driving down the street on Burton in beverly hills, I was remembering last week's sighting of James Woods with 19 y/o "niece" in front of l'ermitage. And what do you know, there was the man himself a block from the hotel walking his dog 'Angel' - no "niece" at his side...

· Saturday, around 1 p.m., saw a most-distressed Andy Dick in the bathroom on the 8th floor of the Beverly Center looking like he was inches away from crapping his pants, or perhaps already beginning to do so. He was sweating and doing that leg-dragging walk that little kids do when they're debating if the immediate relief would be worth the social torment.

Also, Ron Livingston at La Poubelle in Los Feliz Friday night. Nothing special to report there.

· Spied Liev Schreiber at the Grove on Sunday. He looked as freaked out by the masses of little girls running around holding American Girl dolls as I did. Why did either one of us think it was a good idea to go to Grove on the Sunday before Christmas? We're so stupid.

· John C. Reilly in Whole Foods, Pasadena looking just like JCR ought to look. Seriously. And in a city starved for celeb sightings, news of his presence spread like butter on a hot waffle. He was very chatty and pleasant to the meat guy helping him and his laughter was unmistakable. And special kudos to him for walking around without a cell phone glued to his head. How refreshing is that? He's not afraid of our cooties.

Last thing: by the time he reached the checkout I think he could feel dozens of eyeballs on him because he looked pretty embarrassed. I don't think it helped that his checker was totally cheesing and blushing a very beet red. Veeery gay!* C'mon, dude get a grip. Seriously.

(* Not in the derogatory sense.)

· 12/11 - King King in Hollywood - I went to a show called Mortified (people do readings of cringe-worthy shit they wrote when they were kids) and they had some "surprise guests" at the end. For the last guy, some schmuck wrote a horribly embarrassing race car screenplay when he was a teenager, they brought out Elijah Wood, Busy Phillips, someone Denton from DH I'm a guy, sorry I honestly don't know who he is) (James Denton), Booger (Curtis Armstrong) from Revenge of the Nerds, and Kevin McDonald to perform it.

It was all pretty funny. The Hobbit managed not to overact, Phillips managed to be hot, Denton managed to be funny, and Booger managed to get laughs. Judging by his hair, McDonald is auditioning for Side Show Bob on. But he had a hot girlfriend and it made me sad.

· Saturday:

Lukas Rossi (Rockstar: Supernova) entering the MAC cosmetics store on Robertson. Looked just like he did on TV (which is a little scary for 3PM). He was with a short, stubby woman who did herself no favors in parachute pants with draw-string cuffs and heels.

Brooke Shields, husband, daughter (!!!). And another older couple at 1AM (!!!) At the Polo Lounge. Cocktails, etc. Maybe Tom Cruise had a point, what normal mom has the kid in a bar at that hour. She did (I must admit) look great for 42 (she was my pre-teen crush), but is looking a touch man-ish as she ages (they used to call women like that "handsome" back in the day). They stayed well past last call (!!!). Does Scientology have a child services division we can call?


Frankie Muniz, Equinox on Sunset. That boy is a tiny whisp of a thing. If Equinox were "OZ" the big buff WEHO real estate Fags would have dragged him into the steam room and traded him for smokes. He's that frail looking. Sadly, its not "OZ" and they didn't.

· Monday, 12/11. Arclight. 10:50 showing of The Holiday. Spotted Adam Brody (The OC) and an equally attractive male friend in the audience. I'm still confused by this. He's skinny, but adorable (like, "Wow, I wouldn't mind sitting on his face for a while" adorable). He's straight...right? Or was Bilson just his Beard? Why does it seem weird that he'd be at a romantic comedy with another guy?

· * thursday (12/7): rob dyrdek (of mtv's "rob & big") at the ladytron/faint show at the hollywood palladium. rob was sans big black, which was disappointing to say the least (he was instead with someone i'll call 'average white'). also, he came up to my kneecaps.
* friday (12/8): little old ben savage of "boy meets world" fame at three of clubs. guess what... former child stars send drunken text messages while wobbling alone in the corners of dimly lit hollywood bars, just like us!!
* saturday (12/9): Jason Wahler of "laguna beach" fame, looking like a younger, dirtier version of colin ferrell, smoking a never-ending cigarette butt and wearing an off-white, stretched-out thermal undershirt at toast on 3rd street, during brunch. he was with another mtv nobody - andy milanokis, who managed to keep himself under control until the valet pulled up with their early '00's black suburban, at which point he yelped something incoherent and they drove off.
* saturday (12/9): after that nauseating experience at toast... the mcsweeney's event restored my faith in los angeles - the ethereal, imbalanced fiona apple (with some silver fox-looking studio type guy); b.j. novak; arli$$ (aka robert wuhl); would-be "real world"-er dave eggers; and jonah hill.

· 12-7 Spotted tonight: Left the reading at Book Soup for Steve Blush's "American Hair Metal" book release (the Sunset Strip location did not coax any of the book's subjects to the reading, damn!). So the party had to move to the Rainbow for dinner (memories!). Spotted around the room: 80s heart throb Scott Baio, 2005 heart throb James Denton, 80s Metal/Rock A and R God John Kalodener, in all white robes, rocking the long white hair and beard. No Lemmy or members of White Lion through...

· Saw Sarah Silverman at...Yamashiro in Hollywood on Sat. night, standing outside @ valet. The only reason I noticed her was the sharp contrast of her adidas-type tracksuit/baseball cap against the less casually dressed crowd.

· 12/9 @ IOWest:

Larry Joe Campbell ("According to Jim") with his improv group "The 313"

Neil Flynn (The Janitor from "Scrubs") with his improv group "Beer Shark Mice"

Both hung out afterwards and were very friendly, talking to everyone.

12/10 @ Fred Segal:

Sean Hayes (wearing retro Dallas Mavericks t-shirt) standing in the cafe talking to two men. Taller than I expected.

HOLY COW!!! I totally forgot the best one from this weekend:

12/10 pm : AA flight from LA to Dallas - IVAN DRAGO (Dolph Lundgren). Sitting in the front row of first class with a shaved head, wearing a crushed velvet jacket, jeans and work boots. Easily 6'5" and just plain mean looking. No one noticed him or bothered him at the luggage carousel at D/FW.

· An abundance of sightings on Melrose in the last 2 days....

* At M Cafe on Thursday (12/7) : 1st saw Connie Britton (currently playing the Mom in the tv version of Friday Night Lights, but has done plenty of tv) leaving as we arrived. She looked pretty much like you'd expect her to. Next Famke Janssen showed up with some guy and a ridiculously cute dog. Finally, completing the trifecta, Selma Blair and a male friend arrived. Selma has a fantastically edgy new hair cut (a celeb with a partially shaved head!) and the makeup looked fab. Loved it! She went over and exchanged the "Hey, we're both celebrities" pleasantries with Famke. Enjoyable.

* On Friday (12/8) saw Jordana Brewster exiting the Baskin Robbins on Melrose. She was gorge and with some good looking guy. Heard she's engaged, maybe it was the fiance? The obscenely overrated Pinkberry is across the street, yet Jordana chose Baskin Robbins. Consider me a fan now. Tried to explain to my friends who she was by going over what movies she's been in, but sadly all I could remember was that she dated Derek Jeter and Mark Wahlberg. Ouch.

· Saw Catherine O'Hara (e.g., Best in Show) at the Culver City Trader Joe's on 8 December in the early afternoon. I think she was near the bread first then later I spotted her looking at the household products section. Her eyes really stood out, very big and beautiful.

· Two very cool/old skool/TV Land sightings this week:

12/5 - Lunchtime, coming out of my lower BH office building with x-mas shopping on the brain, comedy legend Bob Newhart steps on the 'vator with me, either coming from the bank (counting his funny money) or the radiologist (which worries me, but Mr. Newhart looked good) . In the middle of telling how awesome he is I have an IHBF (that is, involuntary holiday brain fart) and tell him what I'm getting my brother for Christmas; he just smiled with that deadpan/bemused Newhart smile. Whatever. Classic.

12/7 - Lunchtime, getting his health-conscious groove on, I saw Clarence Williams aka "Link" from The Mod Squad in the Whole Foods Market @ 3rd & Fairfax, looking real actor-serious with his food bar purchase. He still has that Bad-Ass-Militant-Cool vibe and more was than a little intimidating, even with what was probably a tofu wrap. Can you dig it?

· I know that this is a C-list celebrity sighting at best, but it totally made my day. Today (Saturday), Thomas Lennon (Lieutenant Dangle on "Reno 911!") walked into the travel bookshop on West Third Street... seemed very friendly and chatty with the shopkeepers. He actually had a mustache just like on the show, but thankfully, he wasn't wearing Lieutenant Dangle's short shorts. Anyway, after a long drought of celebrity sightings, there's nothing like a hip-but-obscure sighting to get you back in the game.

· All five feet and three inches of dickhead brother Wayne (Jason Hervey) from "The Wonder Years." He was meandering around the Santa Monica Mall foodcourt deciding between The Great Steak and Potato Company and Hot Dog On A Stick.

· Not too exciting but I saw runway model Dani Rees dining with Phantom Planet guitarist Darren Robinson at Wokano last week. She is very pretty in person. They seemed happy, normal and low key.


Last Wednesday I saw Zooey Deschanel at the Beverly Hills Sport club. She was on the treadmill with her ipod and a ponytail. She went pretty much unnoticed.

· Caught Richard Benjamin pushing his own cart at the Marina del rey Costco this afternoon (12/8 — around 3:00pm).

It's super clear this guy hasn't had any cosmetic work done on his face. In fact, I sorta thought global warming might be affecting his appearance as all his features seem to be melting/ sliding off to the right side.

The cart was empty, and he had an expression that read: "This place is way too fuck'in big. Time to get some cheap gas. I'm outta here."

· 10 Dec 2006, 10am - I saw Tom DeLonge at the LAX Southwest baggage claim standing among the pasty folks from Northern California on their way to the Long Beach cruise terminal. I hope Tom got the cheap internet fare too, otherwise it's not worth the hearding and subsequent scramble for a seat.

· While stopped at a red light on Beverly Blvd. near the Beverly Center, who should happen to pass in front of me but Amber Benson and Adam Busch—actors best known for their roles as murderee and murderer (respectively) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer—holding hands, looking couple-y.