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We are wholeheartedly fucking psyched for a B.E.E.-penned "horror-tinged" soap to make its way to our TV screens. Called "The Canyons" ("a reference to Los Angeles but also a 'metaphor for the chasm people have in relating to each other'"), the series will center around a young New York magazine editor who follows a friend to LA, only to find himself isolated when the friend is killed in a mysterious accident. Awesome! We love it when B.E.E. taps into his Stephen King/Christopher Pike streak.

The six main characters — including an art gallery owner, lawyer, event planner and a closeted bartender — deal with career and relationship issues. They encounter violent situations and anxieties that are briefly manifested as monsters and other apparitions that may or may not be real.

So it's like Ally McBeal, except instead of a retarded dancing baby it's a face-eating Furby hallucination. We're setting our nonexistent TiVo in gleeful anticipation already!

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