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This week New York brought us a ton of the relevant-to-our-lives news that we've come to expect from them, but perhaps the most pertinent item of all was the interview with Giorgio Armani's niece Roberta, who will be hosting the Young Artists' Ball at the Guggenheim (you've already decided who you'll be wearing, right?) This lady handles VIP relations for her uncle's business, which means she get to interact with TomKat and stuff. She's also, let's be honest, the oldest 36 year old we've ever seen. So we were surprised, a little, when we came to this part of the interview:

It was always my dream to be in acting, but of course I was meant to be in the company instead. But one night I went to a festival with my uncle, and a director said he was looking for the same face that I have for a role.

What role could that ever be, we wondered? And then it came to us.
NB to producers: if you're still casting about for a name, we're liking A Raisin Face in the Sun.

Say Uncle [New York]