Wonder how our fave Greenpoint gentrifier, Haverford alum David Langlieb, feels about those damn Polacks' latest efforts to rain on his gentrification parade. At a meeting last week about concerts in McCarren Pool, neighborhood activists, some of whom weren't even Polish, ganged up on a Parks Department representative over last year's indie-rock-heavy lineup, "a problem he hoped would be solved through outreach to Colombian pop and Polish music promoters." But some activists were not to be mollified:

The triumvirate of Estrada and neighbors Stephen Szczepanek and Harrison Williams, who were also on-hand, repeatedly stated that a total moratorium was the only solution. "These concerts have ruined our quality of life," Szczepanek said. "We have to close our windows, and [even then], the glass shakes. We want all the noise to stop."

We'd like to propose a kielbasa throwdown between Langlieb and Szczczczczpanek, to take place in McCarren Pool, at a time to be determined, as this is the only way we'll ever know who the real men of the neighborhood are.

McCarren Better Barren? Nabes Want Shows Nixed [Brooklyn Downtown Star via Brooklyn Record]
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