Erwin Arnada, EIC of Playboy Indonesia, in happier times — last April to be exact, when Playboy Indonesia debuted. Unfortunately, The Man has cracked down on his mag, with Arnada on trial for publishing indecent material. To wit:

A prosecutor told the South Jakarta District Court that Erwin Arnada oversaw photo shoots and published revealing pictures of female models in underwear, some showing partially exposed breasts.

"The models also had inviting expressions on their faces," said Resni Muchtar, adding that the magazine included lascivious and lustful comments.

Inviting expressions! Lustful comments! Underwear! Once we've all stopped masturbating, perhaps we'll realize that just because Indonesia already has lots of actual porny newspapers and videos openly for sale, that doesn't mean an American porn brand can just brazenly waltz in — even if said brand contains no actual nudity. Playboy Indonesia has relocated offices to Bali Island, where the groovy Hindus don't share the sexfear of the Muslim mainlanders. So let's just make with the Mallika Sherawat lingerie shoot already.

Playboy editor goes on trial in Jakarta [AP]
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