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Recall the tale of Stephanie Green, a researcher at Star who in 2004 began shopping Dishalicious, her Devil Wears Prada-esque novel featuring a Bonnie Fuller caricature. Green was promptly sued by American Media for violating her confidentiality agreement, though the lawsuit was finally dismissed in 2005. Sadly, the public lust (or publishing's interest) in this genre appears to be waning, as Green has been unable to find a buyer for the manuscript. Ergo, she's hawking copies of the text on Paypal, with plans to upgrade to eBay v. v. soon! After the jump, Green's philosophical take on the death of her book, plus hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow.


Publishing is a fickle business, esp. when it comes to these type of books; romans a clef, tell-alls, whatever you want to label them. It's been 1 1/2 years since my agent submitted my book for publication to the major houses, so in all honesty, I knew it was "dead" about a year ago. My feeling is that these type of books either get snapped up fast or are DOA. So I have long assumed that Dishalicious was DOA. There is also the whole lawsuit factor; even though I won the case against American Media, I don't think major publishers are willing to take risks with regards to potential litigation. However, I'm an attorney's daughter and a fighter, and I believe in standing my ground when I'm in the right.

There is another factor at work here, and it's because of this reason that I'm not aggressively trying to get this book published or self-publish. I wrote this book three years ago, and as any writer knows, his or her craft is perfected with each stroke of the keyboard. Therefore, what I wrote three years ago is not really in keeping with my writing style today. Meaning, I'm basically over this book, and the material I've written since is more true to myself and my style. I don't want to do the whole chick-lit thing anymore, because even though it's a genre I enjoy, the book I'm writing now is more substantial and mature.

And one more thing, on a lighter note, this eBay thing is primarily to silence all the yentas in my life! I'm sick of my mom and all her friends asking to read the book. So this is kill two birds time — silence the yentas while doing something somewhat revolutionary.

eBay This Book! [Dishalicious]