"Sure, A Million Little Pieces author James Frey is a fraud, but Augusten Burroughs is an even bigger phony." Ouch! What could have possibly spawned such a cutting remark about that scamp Burroughs? Why, a little Fake Writerness, of course!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Fake Writer Club's latest inductee is Augusten Burroughs—at least according to a reportedly scathing article by Buzz Bissinger in this month's Vanity Fair (on sale next week). Seems that Burroughs got a little creative in Running With Scissors in his descriptions of the family that took him in as a teenager, as Bissinger told the Boston Globe:

"I don't know how [Burroughs] lives with himself," Bissinger told us yesterday. " ' Running With Scissors' contains little strands of fact that were wildly embellished, and if you take those away, you don't have much of a book."

The family is suing Burroughs for defamation. Oprah special inevitably TK.

Scissors Author Accused as a Fraud [Boston Globe]