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You may think that Kimora Lee Simmons is just a dumb model — who's (sorta) married to a mogul — who found some unusually canny people to run a business for her. And you'd be totally correct.

On her upcoming humanitarian work in Africa:

I want to go to Africa," Simmons tells [an African lady]. "My husband is going to Africa. And I'm going to come visit your people so that we can talk about fabulosity. You're beautiful! You're fabulous!"

On her idols:

"Lines like MAC and Prescriptives - which really cater their color palette and blending and everything to their multicultural customer - are really, like, my idols."

On literature:

"I'm really into "Memoirs of a Geisha," and you see how the women were so delicate? It's all about being delicate, ladies."

On youth:

"You're too young. Go lighter! Go lighter! You don't want to look slutty."

Uh, right. Wouldn't want that!

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