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Remember when we made fun of Thrillist for reporting the joyous news that new brasserie Bar Martignetti wouldn't boot you "even if you're the last man not passed out in his Sierra Nevada?" A tipster reports that a visit to B. M. last night confirmed our initial suspicion: it's a douchebar.

it has only been open one day and last night it had already hit the bell on the test-your-strength machine of douchebagery. really, it was like the meatpacking district had moved to nolita. scary. there was a 18-year-old-seeming girl at the door who was openly sobbing on her cellphone to the point where her makeup was running. usually in the meatpacking district this sort of drunken meathead mating drama will occur after midnight at least, but this was at 11pm. also music was so loud the woman at the hostess stand couldnt hear me.
i was in there for literally one second and i pressed the emergency eject button.

A shame. We wish he'd been able to stay and sample the duck confit.

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