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So asked the Post during their humble celebration of eclipsing the News in circulation. Apparently not Mort Zuckerman, who canned Skenazy after nearly eighteen years with the paper. Keith Kelly's crocodile tears fall thickly on the page this morning as he reports the dismissal:

Even in the permanently demoralized newsroom, this one really upset insiders. They see it as one more move by owner Mort Zuckerman's minions to toss a loyal staffer to the wolves in order to meet his budget numbers. Although Martin Dunn is the editor-in-chief, the blood from this one probably rests with op-ed page Editor Arthur Browne. Browne refused to comment.

Kelly does make the interesting point that this leaves the News with only one female columnist, gossipeuse Joanna Molloy. Maybe Mort should consider hiring Alicia Colon away from the Sun; we imagine there'd be a significant savings in salary, even with the expense of hiring a translator who speaks crazy.