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"Part of the reason why I think people may find me interesting is because the age part is very mysterious," MisShapes new addition Jackson "Kids Meal" Pollis wrote on his MySpace profile, where he claims to be 21. Well, we're going to clear up the mystery. But don't worry, Jackson — remember, the age part is only part of the reason.

A tipster writes:

Jackson Pollis is a senior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, and is 17 years old. He did badly on his SATs. His older brother, James, attended Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School as an instrumental major, and is gay. He used to skateboard in Union Square with his BFFs Turner and Cosmo everyday. That is all.

Ok, we kind of don't know where to start with this tip. Tipster, why must you tantalize us so? Why does he no longer skateboard in Union Square with Turner and Cosmo? Are they no longer bffs? Has Jackson's storied (well, Village Voice storied, but still!) rise to internet-retard fame driven a wedge between them? Jackson's brother is gay how exactly? And, perhaps most importantly of all: HOW BADLY? Tell, tell!!

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