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Remember the battle against "alien predators" that protestors were planning to wage in the wake of indie actress Adrienne Shelly's tragic murder? Today, Andrea Peyser upgrades the situation to an "alien war." Grab your rayguns!

Peyser wants to make sure that you understand that this protest isn't just the incredibly misguided effort of a tiny group of wackos, though. No, the people who are wearing Shelly's picture around their necks and blaming her death on the federal government's failure to deport the illegal immigrant before he had a chance to kill her are part of a movement! Evidence:

More than a dozen people came out last night wearing her picture around their necks. Carrying candles and literature, speaking softly and intensely, they gathered on the street. In the evening's warmth, their numbers swelled. In their 30s and 60s, they came from uptown and even New Jersey.

They even came from New Jersey. It's on, aliens!

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