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So, JoeJournalist: We figured this scintillating story had run its course but, unfortunately, no. In a segment on the consistently incendiary, suspected self-aggrandizer Mickey Kaus claims that he knows who the solipsist is, and that it isn't Andrew Sullivan (or Kaus). Mickey won't give up the name, but he does volunteer that the journalist in question is "an important figure in the New America Foundation."

Well. We went to the NAF's website, and, quite frankly, we know what we're going to do the next time we're having trouble sleeping. Should you be made of sturdier stuff, we invite you to explore and send us your suggestions. One name, however, did pop up before the silky fingers of Morpheus danced about our eyes: James Fallows, Atlantic Monthly National Correspondent and tech-savvy mofo. (We understand that he's currently in Shanghai.) We're actually pretty sure this is your man, but suggestions to the contrary can be sent to the usual address.

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