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In a four-hour interview with Entertainment Weekly (and honestly, if that's not a sign of career demise in and of itself, we don't know what is), Mel Gibson responds to an interviewer's oblique reference to Michael "Kramer" Richards' recent bout of racist Tourette's at the Laugh Factory with a declaration of sympathy. Apparently, he sort of understands what the dude is going through.

I felt like sending Michael Richards a note. I feel really badly for the guy. He was obviously in a state of stress. You don't need to be inebriated to be bent out of shape. My heart went out to the guy. Poor f—-er, he's getting it now. They'll probably torture him for a while and then let him go. I like him.

Being crack fedora wearing investigative reporters here, we've obtained the note that Mel sent Michael — it's after the jump. It kind of shocked us, to be honest. Also, we think that Mel might have been spending some time with Lindsay Lohan. Maybe he's thinking of casting her in Apocalypto 2 or something.

The Year of Living Dangerously [EW]
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Dear Michael,

I hear you hate black and jews. Me too. Let's hang out sometimes.

Your friend,

Mel Gibson.