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This morning we asked you to help us identify the mystery journalist who had the effrontery to start his own website in the early days of the Internet. While the general consensus remains fixated on Andrew Sullivan, there are a few other ideas out there. We present them after the jump.

  • "Perhaps Joe Journalist was Tom Wolfe? Would fit the description. was created July 20, 1998. Gladwell's site went up in September of 2004, BTW."
  • "Reeks of Brit Hume. He was a computer geek before most of the world knew what a computer geek was. But don't quote me on that!"
  • "I'd always assumed that stupid Kinsley column was referencing Josh—excuse Joshua Micah Marshall's—excruciatingly self-infatuated blog"
  • Isn't it Adam Nagourney?
  • "Wouldn't it be Matt Drudge?" [No. —ed.]
  • "It's definitely Andy Glass."
  • We'd actually be inclined to buy that last one, assuming we knew who the fuck Andy Glass is. Thanks for playing. More on this stunning story if it ever develops.
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