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  • Supreme Court allows federal prosecutors to look at Judy Miller's phone records. Why do we even bother with a First Amendment? [NYT]
  • Watch out, Google: IAC/Interactive is comin' at ya! With, uh, something that sounds a lot like Citysearch. Be afraid. [Reuters]
  • Related: Barry Diller calls New York Times business reporters "birdbrains." [Reuters]
  • Is Iraq experiencing "civil war"? Only if you're a major news organization. Or, quite possibly, on the ground. [NYT]
  • Seventeen EIC slot: It's a contest between Strategist matriarch Amy Goldwasser and Cosmogirl's Ann Shoket. [WWD]
  • BBC chairman Michael Grade defects to rival ITV. [Independent]
  • BlackBook editor: "We are a crossover of Puma and Miss Sixty, but we're also Chanel and Armani. We're Hummer and we're Jaguar." Yeah, but all those brands pay their freelancers. [WWD]
  • Now pretty much any crap you put up online will be eligible for a Pulitzer. We're thinking Virginia Heffernan's groundbreaking investigative work on the Lonelygirl15 saga should be submitted. [Romenesko]