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  • Is Rupert Murdoch losing it? Surprisingly, a rival paper thinks yes. [Telegraph U.K.]
  • Time C.E.O. gives employees a week's vacation, with the possibility of much future time off as well. [NYP]
  • NYT won't sell Boston Globe to Jack Welch. Yet. [BG]
  • Washington Post reprints article which ran in Foreign Policy six weeks earlier, which is nice for the author, since now people might actually read it. [FP]
  • Blah blah blah new media will destroy traditional media. [NYO]
  • Jon Friedman turns out to be as irritating about sports as he is about media. [Marketwatch]
  • California court rules that blogs and ISPs can libel with impunity, provided they got their slander from someone else. [SFGate]
  • Christmas comes early: Nancy Grace sued. [TSG]
  • Even in Norway people are sick of free newspapers. [WSJ]