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Great news for New Yorker readers: Today's Observer reports that Caitlin Flanagan, the rich lady who's made a career of telling you what a bad wife and mother you are for needing to work, is no longer a contributor to that magazine. While Flanagan claims, through Atlantic dinner party buddy Benjamin Schwarz, that she's making far too much money from her book-writing career (her last tome, Get Back In The Kitchen, You Fucking Whore sold a stunning 8,700 copies), the Observer suggests it might have something to do with the fact that a piece on Mary Poppins creator P.L. Travers which Flanagan wrote for The New Yorker early this year that pretty much ripped off vast swathes of a Travers biography. Up next for Flanagan: a book "about teenage girls and the ways that they have been both served and also shortchanged by the women's movement." Cum-Guzzling MySpace Sluts should be available sometime in 2008.

The New Yorker's Caitlin Flanagan, Home Again [NYO]

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