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A Defamer operative stumbled upon the subject of the racist celebrity meltdown du jour, Michael Richards, whose rambling and vicious verbal attack against some African American hecklers Friday night momentarily transformed the Sunset Strip's Laugh Factory into something more akin to the Hatred Sweatshop. The sighting occurred at CBS Television City, where Richards was likely taping the satellite interview set to air on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight:

I was at CBS Television City today. As I was walking out, who should be ahead of me walking down the corridor (lined with photos of David Letterman, et al) but Michael Richards of Kramer meltdown fame. He was walking with two women who appeared to be part of his management team. He was approached by CBS Evening News producers to see if he would answer a few questions on camera, but he declined.

As he was walking out, he said to the women accompanying him, " you go on these shows and apologize and apologize but it's never good enough." One of the women murmured something about him having a PR person to handle this kind of thing and he replied, "I don't have anyone handling this. If I did, I wouldn't have gotten into trouble in the first place." He looked pretty good - for Kramer, that is. Dressed neatly in dark jeans and a dark silk shirt.

A clearly frazzled Richards seems to have forgotten the basics of the celebrity/publicist relationship: No flack can stop a client from spewing potentially career-immolating racist nonsense; all they can do is release a carefully crafted statement after the fact blaming their fork-wielding inner demons for voicing their intolerant, ass-kebabing intentions.