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Think back, to long before Superman returned to our planet to thrill audiences with his heroic feats of lovelorn supermoping, to when the world's attentions were focused primarily on Kal-El's codpiece, aka the Bulge of Steel™—a protuberance of such reportedly goodly sized dimensions, a team of CGI artists were rumored to have been brought in to digitally diminish the young, unknown star Brandon Routh's groin into something less gasp-worthy. The Oh La La blog (somewhat NSFW if you don't want to be caught perusing a site featuring lots of muscley, shirtless dudes) has taken screencaps of a DVD bonus feature in which the newcomer is wearing a skin-tight, leave-no-nut-to-the-imagination leotard, even going so far as to magnify the critical area for your bulge-scrutinizing convenience. And while Mr. Routh has nothing to be ashamed of, it's certainly nothing close to the elephantine sex-organ-goiter the press had initially made it out to be. Perhaps it's a SuperGrower.