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  • Guy who told Murdoch to buy MySpace quits. [Guardian]
  • Private equity firms love them some media conglomerates. Latest example: ClearChannel, the company that has spent the last decade making sure radio sucks, which was snapped up for a kajillion dollars yesterday. [NYT]
  • Energetic new media entrepreneur out at AOL. [Valleywag]
  • WSJ employees will not be allowed to wear shorts no matter how much they piss and moan about it. [NYP]
  • Those who aren't getting fired by NBC are leaving voluntarily. [NYT]
  • Marketwatch rewrites Jack Shafer's Digg story a scant five months later. [Marketwatch]
  • Dave Zinczenko, whose name will forever be associated with subpar oral sex, rides the Borat wave. [NYP]
  • The English: "paedophiles, drunkards and hooligans." Sorry, this is news to whom? [Guardian]
  • Why can't the Times be fun like the Drudge Report? If you guessed Jon Friedman, you read this feature way too often. [Marketwatch]