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There's something so wonderfully, anachronistically chauvinistic about blatant attempts to market to the ladies in an ersatz-Jane magazine sort of way. To wit: the color-based personality assessment promoting Kleenex's new oval-shaped containers.

Oh, where to begin. Well, firstly, L'eggs were bad enough—we don't need our Kleenex in ovary-inspired containers too. And secondly, this is seriously some of the dumbest shit we've seen in awhile. This is what it says if you like pink:

Romantic, creative and everything nice—that's what pink lovers are made of! Those who favor pink unabashedly delight in all things romantic and girly. You love fashion, bubbles and are a sucker for chick lit!

But, presumably, not Dooney & Bourke. That's for women who don't like chick lit.

Trend Fun [Kleenex via Adrants]

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