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Frankly, we find the whole debate as to the level of novelist Marisha Pessl's attractiveness to be more than a little sexist. It's as if we're saying that the only value a woman has is expressed in her looks. Well, there are plenty of other reasons to discuss Ms. Pessl. For instance: she has absolute shit taste in music. Take a look at this Onion What's On Your iPod feature: She's rocking Atlantic Starr, Linkin Park, and "Free Bird." We've snipped out the best part, though:

MP: I never knew who Nick Drake was until the Garden State soundtrack, and then I got his greatest hits, and I really like it. It's really restful and thoughtful, something so pure about his sound. It's good for when you're walking around New York listening to your iPod—nice to listen to instead of all the craziness happening around you. I don't know anything about him, though.

The A.V. Club: He was a reclusive, depressive guy who died very young from a drug overdose.

MP: Really? You're kidding. He sounds so put-together.

Actually, you know what, fuck it, let's go back to the hot thing. Based on this picture we're bumping her up to "college admissions brochure hot."

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