Hey there, Angelina Jolie, when you're not adopting babies or fainting all over the place, how's it going with A Mighty Heart? In the biopic, Angelina plays Marianne Pearl, wife of Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl, who was murdered in Pakistan in 2002; Dan Futterman plays Daniel. Above, Futterman and Jolie enjoy a stroll through a Mumbai train station, and it does appear that Jolie has cut down a bit on the brownface. Futterman bears a decent resemblance to Danny Pearl, though obviously a little hunked up. Apparently they weren't mobbed by local fans until they actually boarded the train, at which point bodyguards had to shoo away "young students yelling Jolie's name." Huge, huge journalism fans over there in Mumbai.

Angelina Jolie Gets on Full Mumbai Train [AP]
[Photo: Getty]

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