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  • Game rating board ESA sues gaming blog Kotaku (a Valleywag brother blog) for writing about the best. gaming t-shirt. ever (pictured). [Kotaku]
  • The 49ers and A's both head south into Silicon Valley. [Contra Costa Times]
  • Ray Ozzie says he's stepping into big shoes by replacing Microsoft president Bill Gates. YOU DON'T SAY, RAY. [Guardian]
  • Fox Interactive steals from the band Bones, gives it to the Fox show Bones. Thankfully, the site replaces the band's page after an outcry, realizing what a stupid, stupid idea this was. Does MySpace realize they have users? [Techdirt]
  • Top dogs from blog platform company Six Apart gab for a half hour about the new version of Vox and the Web 2.0 Summit. [Six Apart]