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Continuing this morning's emerging theme of Hollywood's Less Celebrated Siblings Acting Out, Page Six reports that Luke "Still No Cute, Equine-Related Nickname That Will Stick" Wilson, brother of Owen "The Butterscotch Stallion" Wilson, is making life on the set of Vacancy unpleasant by arriving on set with stories of his every drunken hook-up, as well as engaging in general anti-Beckinsale behavior:

One on-set source said Wilson is often hung over and late to the set, and when he does show, insists on bragging about "all the girls he hooked up with over the weekend and how drunk he got."

The blond funnyman with the distinctive nose is also making diva-like demands. "He doesn't want anyone on the set in his line of sight except the director," said another spy - and that includes his leading lady Beckinsale. Wilson is "outwardly rude and awful to Kate," the second source said. He often doesn't show up for "reversal" shots, where he is off-camera but needs to be there for Beckinsale to relate to when she speaks. Instead, he sends a stand-in. "He is a total diva," the second spy said.

But a Wilson pal disputes that account: "That is baloney. Luke is way too conscientious and uptight to ever be late. He is a consummate professional."

The situation became so tense last week that when it came time for Wilson to shoot his reversals, Beckinsale is said to have sent out a picture of herself with a note that read, "Read your lines to this - it will be better for both of us."

Of course, the relevant publicists and producers deny any strife between the pair, but if there's any truth to the rumor, maybe the misidentification of Luke as "the blond funnyman with the distinctive nose" (clearly, the Stallion's qualities) in the item is illustrative of the larger problem of constantly being eclipsed by his brother's majestic shadow. It's not hard to imagine a scenario in which Wilson and Beckinsale's relationship soured because he showed up to set one day, and just as he began to relate the tale of his latest sexual conquest, was deflated by his co-star's exclamation of, "Oh! I read about that! You broke up Kate Hudson's marriage!" instantly destroying any tenuous professional trust the two had previously established.