Finally brought to book on charges that he kicked a reporter on the way out of court the last time he was brought to book on charges, Kate Moss cocaine-impregnatron and Babyshambler Pete Doherty was ordered to pay $2,255 in various fines. The aspiring fashionistard

appeared in court wearing a black coat and clutching a black trilby hat. He told the court he could not pay the fine Wednesday because he had only 50 cents with him.

He apologized for the incident, but called [kick recipient and BBC journalist Trudi] Barber part of the 'harassing scum of press.'

Please blame the AP for currency conversion problems, but 50 cents? How does he keep himself in blow and trilby hats without carrying a fattie cash roll?

Doherty Fined for Assaulting Journalist [AP]
[Photo: Getty Images]