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Remember Priyantha Silva, the usually drunk and sweaty party crasher who pretended to be a Conde Nast editor? Well, he's got a Hearst competitor in Sara Litke, who emailed Lucky magazine trying to get comped for herself and a friend for the Lucky Shops event, which starts tomorrow.

Sniffed our tipster:

There's no way this woman is legit ... why would we comp an editor from another magazine, and her friend, when it's a fundraiser for Baby Buggy?

Why, indeed. The email from Ms. Litke, and your guesses as to her true identity, after the jump.

——-Original Message——- From: [] Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 1:58 PM To: [redacted] Subject: Lucky Magazine Lucky Shops event

Hello [xxxx]

Could you please include me, Fashion Editor Cosmopolitan Magazine and a guest for the "Lucky Magazine Lucky shops" event on Wednesday November 8th. Most Cosmopolitan Magazine readers are sophisticated, fun loving, fearless, discerning young women.



Sara Litke
Fashion Editor
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Hearst Publications
224 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

Our own intrepid legwork reveals that the Fashion Editor at Cosmo is Erin Dineen, not Sara Litke. In fact—and this may come as a surprise—there is no one on the Cosmo masthead named Sara Litke. Also, when you call that phone number, there's a disembodied voice that keeps asking, "Are you still there? Are you still there?" Creepy!

Anyway, we have a feeling that this Sara Litke, whoever she may be, is testing the Priyantha Silva waters. She's starting small, trying out lower-profile events where she's less likely to get busted (though apparently, not trying hard enough), and maybe working her way up to Silva status. What we'd like to know is, who is Sara Litke? Has she contacted you before? Photos, etc., also appreciated. Cheers.