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With races as locked-up as these seem, it can be hard to motivate oneself to wake up even earlier to make it to the polls. We know. Boy, do we ever know. So in case you need some convincing that the adorable 'I voted!' sticker is worth all that extra effort, the Daily News has rounded up some "celebrities" to explain the glory of performing your civic duty. Read, and be inspired.

This is a time in the United States when young people have the ability to follow their dreams and to be influential in a way that they have never been, in any other era in history in any other country. — noted historian Emmy Rossum

Hopefully, we can find somebody who can restore the luster we once had, because I think George Bush, at least for me . . . Well, let's just leave it at that. I'm not going to do a Dixie Chicks moment. — famously circumspect "fashion master" Tom Ford

You heard them, young people. Get out their and restore our . . um, 'luster.'
Today, Voters Have Lead Role, Say Celebs [NYDN]