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  • Overheard Podtech founder John Furrier (pictured) saying a few things at the Vloggies, an award show organized by his company: For example, "Vloggercon was too nerdy." That's a little less respect than he paid this summer's videoblogger conference when he went on stage. But I can't recall which vlogger he called "a hottie" at the afterparty. [Photo by JD Lasica]
  • Today's Pictures in Slate: Cubicle drones in India's Silicon Valley. [
  • Play buzzword bingo at this week's Web 2.0 conference with this card. After the conference, send completed cards to to enter Valleywag's hall of fame. [Duck9]
  • Who got the $131 million stock "gift" that Google co-founder Larry Page registered with the SEC? Maybe Larry himself. [Mercury News]
  • Best headline in tech news this week: "Silicone cleavage bounces back." [Wired News]
  • Techie legend #1: the data server used as a sawhorse. [Daily WTF]
  • Techie legend #2: "Just remember, every time a Gaim user sends someone a file by dragging it into a conversation window, it's because I lost my wallet." [Duncan Mac-Vicar]