• Borat's movie premieres tonight! Check your local listings for screens and showtimes. The over/under on when the whole film will be available on YouTube? About a day.
  • If you prefer your former Soviets in 3-D, check out Vloggies host Irina Slutsky at the Vloggie Pre-Party, 8pm at SF's House of Shields.


  • SuperHappyDevHouse 13 is all the way down in Los Gatos, but the trip is worth it for the all-day, all-night session of coding (or writing Chapter 1 for National Novel Writing Month).
  • The Vloggies are finally here! Cause...cause you've been waiting for them, right? Come snicker at those silly amateur videobloggers, since in your heart you know you could do better. You know, if you ever bothered.