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We suppose that some people (people who are old enough to remember when the "Brat Pack" literary celebrities were scandal-plagued men about town, not dads with faces like fine Italian leather, aka not us) might think the meat of this Radar EXCLUSIVE!! is Jay McInerney's confession that he found a dude-dude-lady sex scene in pal Bret Easton Ellis's Glamorama hot. But apparently, in the same Playboy article, The Devil Wears Prada and Some Other Book No One Bought author Lauren Weisberger admits that her favorite literary sex scene is in Forever by Judy Blume. Okay, Judy writes some tawdry-hot sex scenes, we must admit. But, like, didn't Lauren Weisberger go to college and have to take the graduation-requirement erotica seminar and write a 50 page research paper on The Story of O, or was that just us? Okay, it was just us.

Jay Goes Gay For Bret Easton Ellis [RadarOnline]