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A few weeks ago, George Gurley wrote a long profile for the Observer about a certain Charlotte Bocly, a 19-year-old Park Avenue/Bridgehampton resident with blonde hair, big teeth and more money than God, and we wondered whether Charlotte might be pulling the rug out from under Melissa Berkelhammer's unsuspecting ass. But now maybe Charlotte should be watching her own ass, since Socialite Rank seems to have discovered George's next profile subject. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Olivia Palermo, New School University student, horse owner and A-1 debutard. Like her predecessors, she's got a lot to say. Gurley, are you listening?

A few choice selections from her Socialite Rank Q&A:

  • Her fave travel locations are Gstaad (whither the commoners?) and London.
  • She loves mani-pedis.
  • And we quote: "I love that there are different sections of New York and that each is very different from one another. You can go from uptown where its a little bit older and more conservative, to somewhere such as Greenwich Village with a sense of trendiness and youthfulness to it."
  • And: "I'm the biggest jock. I play tennis two times a week at the River Club, and my brother and I are extreme skiers, I played on a girls national ice hockey team and an all star lacrosse team."

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    Olivia Palermo, Debutard? [Socialite Rank]