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Upon discovering that page-pampering, disgraced former Congressman's Mark Foley's checkered past included a cameo in the unfathomably cheesy action flick Strike Force, our friends at Radar made it their mission to obtain a copy of the movie and post a clip from it, allowing us to appreciate how utterly convincing Foley was in portraying "Republican Fairchild," a politician "who hires a band of violent, jet-setting vigilantes to rescue his kidnapped daughter." It's not hard to see how the heady experience of honing his acting chops alongside dramatic powerhouse William Forsythe or making small talk at the craft services table with straight-to-video ubiquity Erika Eleniak nurtured a love of cinema that once made him one of the Hollywood's most valuable allies in Congress. And it's tragic, really, that Foley never got the chance to fully transition from a job in politics to one in the entertainment industry, where a healthy appetite for teenage boys has never been a barrier to one's career ambitions.