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Our latest inductee to the Douchebag Hall of Fame comes recommended by our globetrotting brother Gridskipper, who calls Shandong Erge, "China's answer to Aleksey Vayner". Whereas Aleksey turned to self-promotion to land a Wall Street job, the self proclaimed "China's sexiest man", Erge is in search of a wife and has started a blog to promote his effort.

Like Aleksey, Erge takes pride in his physique, and he offers hips opinions... and little else, as far as we can tell. Since we cannot read Chinese, we will let Shanghaist take us through.

...Erge treats his readers to pictures of Japanese girls in ultra-low cut jeans, attempts to teach women how to make love to their husbands after proclaiming he is a virgin in his matrimonial bid, posts videos of himself lifting heavy weights on TV, and laments "these androgynous days" when intelligent women are disappearing from the TV screen "save for the voluptuous Furong Jiejie", and getting replaced by effeminate hosts, which in turn emboldens gay boys to sexually harass him with text messages. He also complains of how he's devoted so many years to bulking up at the gym all for the ladies, only to have them turn around and say to him, "You're disgusting."

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