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Andrea Peyser is back on the Madonna beat, ripping the "sluttish superstar"'s recent Oprah appearance. Peyser, whose deep concern for all things African has been the main emphasis of her advocacy journalism lo these many years, has little sympathy for either Madge or Oprah ("For half an hour, one know-nothing celeb egged on another to spin a tale of saving the African continent. Disgusting.") but she's particularly offended by what she sees as Madonna's condescension towards her recently-adopted child's father:

She was severely patronizing to David's dad, Yohane - who has said he didn't realize he was giving up David "for good." "This is a simple man who comes from a village who has nothing," she snipped "Suddenly he is besieged by the media of the world" - implying Yohane was too dumb to deal with reporters, but smart enough to understand he was giving Madonna his kid.

Which makes it all the more interesting when she tosses in this bit at the end: "Oprah didn't mention he could not read."

We're not sure who to trust anymore. But today's headline "ONE BOOB CELEBRITY INTERVIEWS ANOTHER," coupled with yesterday's considered appreciation of Foxy Brown's d colletage ("FLASHING a dazzling grin - and a tantalizing chunk of dark nipple - the rapper known as Foxy Brown flirted shamelessly through her Criminal Court sentencing yesterday, turning all into die-hard fans.") does at least make one thing clear: Andrea Peyser is a tit man.


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