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Our call for contributions to an oral history of Joe Dolce's douchebaggery has yielded some interesting submissions. We particularly liked this one:

I interviewed to be his assistant about a year ago. As soon as I walked into his office, he put his feet up on his desk, leaned back and said "So tell me what the fuck you're doing here." At once point in the interview, he, the EIC of Star, told me he found celebrities mundane and that he was only in the business for the money. They offered me the job, and thank god I turned it down!

After the jump, Joe stands tall for justice:

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Dolce story for you: when Jason West, that kid who got himself elected mayor of New Paltz, was in the news and getting arrested for marrying gays, Dolce had a fucking conniption about it, squealing that the guy was every homo's hero and that he had the perfect name for gay porn. Soon after he bragged to his staffers at Star that his boyfriend Johnathan Burnham, then heading Miramax books (and now HarperCollins), was gonna get the West idiot to write a book and that part of the deal was he'd marry Joe & John. Sure enough, Miramax books published it in '05 and I believe he did marry 'em.

Check out the dustjacket: guy looks like a bad Xerox of Ethan Hawke.

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