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One of the few grace notes that leavened the tragedy of Jess Coen's departure was her decision to share a story about Star EIC - and champion douchebag - Joe Dolce. Ms. Coen's reminiscences brought forth such a flood of similar tales (Here's a sample: "Which former Details editor in chief regretted having his assistant open his mail when said assistant found a naked picture of the editor in chief's boyfriend?") that we'd be derelict in our duties if we neglected to pass them along to you. After the jump, we bring you a recollection from someone who was present at the creation of Joe's douchey demeanor.

Around 1995, when Jaw-man still ran Details mag he insisted on taking a small group of writers and editors to an Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights. Someone had goofed on the totally serious idiot and told him that this wretched dive was one of the hidden treasures of New York. He just sat back and watched his poor urchins trying hard to gulp down the worst food that the worst Indian place New York had to offer. When even his closest supporter finally gave up and shrieked, "Joe, this food is shit!" Joe just gave his usual uncaring chuckle for the underlings he was poisoning. He then sat back in his chair, spread his arms as if to receive all of heaven and announced, "You know what? It's all about the outer boroughs!"

We'll continue to share these stories over the next few days; if you've an anecdote of your own, feel free to send it over.

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