Aleksey Vayner finally showed up for an interview today, appearing on MSNBC's Rita Cosby Live and Looking for Work. Aleksey is deeply hurt by the way people on the Internet who don't even know him assume that he's some sort of douchebag. We feel for the kid. Also joining him was attorney Christian Steuben, who once again suggested that Vayner's privacy should have been respected since "it's not like he was applying to sell hamburgers." Agreed. Because you know everyone who's working the night shift over at Hardee's sends out their douchebaggy video resumes with the full foreknowledge that it's likely to be passed along.

[RELATED: Right after this clip ends, a producer informs Rita that former Yonkers mayor John Spencer is on the phone, wanting to deny that he made comments about Hillary's surgically-enhanced pulchritude. Spencer, who's spent most of his campaign claiming that the liberal media have manufactured all the ridiculous stuff that comes out of his mouth, gave the least-convincing denial we've ever heard. Kind of a great segue: Young Douchebag and Old Douchebag come together as one.]

Also, Rita Cosby's voice. What the fuck? Seriously.

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