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In an earlier entry today, we mentioned that Village Voice staffers were dissatisfied because EIC David Blum "only seems to be interested in hiring well-to-do white girls from Columbia". Well, it might help if you're still at Columbia. A tipster tells us:

This just in from the Columbia J School newsletter:

Courtney Reimer has sold her summer-term Master's project to the Village Voice as its cover on October 25. It's about strip clubs in New York.

Wow. More hard-hitting investigative reporting from the Voice.

Indeed. Though to be fair, the average Columbia J-School student probably writes better than the Voice, so Courtney might be slumming here. Unless of course, she's making shit up for her story.

And by the way, Voice's freelance baseball writer Emma Span (whose most unfortunate headline remains unfixed) is the daughter of writer Jon Katz and -wait for it- Columbia journalism professor Paula Span. Corporate-academic synergy at its best.

Oh, back to the ethnic cleansing thing, "Hip Hop journalist" Jimi Izrael kinda saw it coming, going so far as to say, "any minority writers working for Village Voice Media should brace themselves."

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