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The date: October 14, 2006.
The place: Bleecker at Christopher.
Sighted: "Adrian Grenier standing up in the open sunroof of a station wagon, maybe a subaru or something because it was shaped weird. He was filming people on the street with a huge video camera and a huge smile on his face while his male friend drove slowly. It was really fucking weird and unsettling. I think he was freaking everyone out. Looked foreign and hairy."

You have to imagine that when Adrian Grenier landed the role of Hollywood it-boy Vincent Chase on Entourage, he was super excited. "Drive YOURSELF crazy Melissa Joan Hart," he probably thought, "I'm on the road to HBO-sanctioned credibility." Sadly, it was not to be. Though Entourage is a big hit, Adrian is not exactly the breakout star, or the fan favorite, or the short dude who dated a Hilton, or even Turtle. In fact, in terms of value to the show, Adrian's character falls somewhere between the guys' Xbox and Drama's frying pan. (Okay this is debatable, because how funny is it that Drama takes his cooking so seriously?!)

Perhaps this explains Adrian's increasingly attention-starved behavior over the course of the show's three seasons. First, there was the old, "look at me I'm in a band because I'm an artist and must express myself" move. This was followed by the equally uninspired "blowing so many rails of coke your shirt smells like it" move. Which, of course occurred on the same night Piven won his Emmy. Can't you just picture the poor boy staring enviously across the room at Piven's hairplugs and wondering when a gorgeous head of hair stopped mattering in this goddamn town?

So, now it looks like Adrian has taken to driving around Manhattan hanging out the sunroof of a Subaru and pretending to film shit. At least this is original. In fairness, Vince IS a documentary filmmaker. In fact, a film he made about his search for, and eventual finding of, the biological father he never knew will premiere on HBO in 2007. Won't it be sad, but also sort of funny, if the deadbeat dad inks a development deal with HBO?

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