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Great NYT correction on a recent Cathy Horyn article:

A review on Sept. 11 of New York Fashion Week incorrectly implied that an animal-rights group was protesting the designer Nicole Miller, and it also misstated the name of that group. It was the Baby Phat show by Kimora Lee Simmons that was the object of the protest — not Ms. Miller's show, which was ending as the Baby Phat show began. And the protesters were from the NYC Animal Rights group, not People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The review also referred incorrectly to the reason a brand of vodka (not named in the article) was featured in Ms. Miller's show. She designed a bottle to hold the vodka, then auctioned it for charity. The maker of the vodka was not a commercial sponsor of Ms. Miller's show.
A representative for Ms. Miller pointed out the errors in an e-mail to The Times the day the review appeared. This correction was delayed for additional reporting and research, and was further delayed because editors did not follow through on the complaint.

Beyond Horyn's Stanleyesque level of accuracy, we're particularly delighted by that "was further delayed because editors did not follow through on the complaint." We can almost hear the conversation at 43rd Street: "You gonna follow up on that Nicole Miller thing?" "Nah, let's just mail it back to 1997, when someone might have given a shit."

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