Craigslist's censors are working overtime to remove swarms of jokey classified ads for apartments in the building hit by Cory Lidle's plane. Trust us, even discounting the black humor factor, they're not funny. But maybe if we run one, you'll stop clogging up our inbox with the hilarious forwards that came over the interoffice mailing list? Please? OK, deal. Click after the jump if you must, knowing that we in no way endorse the following. We won't bother to link, as the following ad is already gone.

$800 Great, furnished room - just opened today (10/11) - UES - amazing! (Upper East Side)

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Date: 2006-10-11, 4:17PM EDT

Huge - 15 x 12 BR - in 2 BR apartment on 39th Floor of great 50-story building - doctors downstairs for all you single women! I am looking for a fun, female roommate who can deal with a little bit of construction and activity in the apartment in the coming days, weeks, maybe months.

Room has a new Ikea furniture - desk, dresser and matching bed - and used to share a wall with the living room.

-New kitchen
-New tile in bathroom
-Bath with whirlpool streams
-Plasma TV (my ex gave it to me)
-4 blocks from Subway

Only problems:
-No pets
-No loud music
-Fixed wing aircraft fuselage burning in the living room - lots of smoke in there!

I will be away from my apartment phone for a while - e-mail me for deets!

524 E. 72nd St.

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