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In case you've ever considered allowing any sort of production to use your residence as a set, here's a story: Adam and Leah, a couple in Brooklyn Heights, allowed Martin Scorcese and company to occupy their ground-level apartment in a brownstone for a scene in the altogether-awesome The Departed. Their place was used as the apartment of the love interest, which gave Adam and Leah the enviable distinction of having had Leonardo DiCaprio dry hump on their property. On the downside: Adam's collection of vintage magazines had been tampered with, and his 1972 issue of Playboy went missing. The couple eventually found the mag...under the bathroom sink. You can hope all you want that it was Leo "borrowing" that Playboy, but you just know it was the pimple-faced lighting assistant who rubbed one out.

Leonardo DiCaprio Had Sex in Our Living Room! [Daily Blabber]