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In today's spectacular calvacade of stars: Jack Nicholson; Aaron Sorkin; James Woods; Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Minnie Driver, and George Lucas; Sumner Redstone, Brad Grey and Emeril Lagassi; Bruce Willis; Steve Carell; Michael Cera; Nicole Richie; Jules Asner and Steven Soderbergh; Jessica Simpson; Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Val Kilmer, Garry Shandling and Tom Morello; Thomas Schlamme; Helen Mirren; Danny DeVito, Kirsten Dunst, Toni Collette; Elijah Wood; Johnny Galecki; an Olsen twin; Sandra Oh; Jeffrey Sebelia; Scott Wolf and Kelley Limp; Zach Braff; Wes Bentley and Carson Daly; Geoffrey Rush and Corey Haim; Mischa Barton; Jerry Stiller and Ann Meara; Peter Dinklage; Leslie Bibb; Slash and Stockard Channing; Charlotte Rae; Michael Bolton; Michael Emerson; Paris Latsis, Stavros Niarchos, Travis Barker and Fabio; Kevin Richardson; Mike "Boogie" Malin; Billy Connolly; Jeffrey Jones and John deLancie.

· Saw Jack Nicholson last night (10-8) walking out of the Grove theater around 7:30 p.m. No young slut(s) on his arm—he was alone. Perhaps he took in the 5:30 p.m. showing of "The Departed?" Always nice to see your own head projected on a massive screen.

· OK, I've held this back, but with all the Sorkin references lately... A couple of months ago, I was in first on a Continental flight from Newark to LAX. Having been a former NBC exec, I knew it was Aaron Sorkin sitting ahead of me, and quietly mentioned so to my wife, who's a big fan. But then, he started laughing, shockingly hard, at the movie, which was "Ice Age the Meltdown." And I told her that I must be mistaken, as we all know comedy writers might quietly say "that's funny," assuming it was, and I'm assuming this film wasn't, but loud guffaws? Since seeing all the publicity photos, it's now clear that I was right — it was him. Maybe he can move onto wacky talking animal animation when Studio 60 gets 86'd.

Oh yeah. And James Woods looking bored also at the Grove eating dinner with some blonde at that lame restaurant across from the theater.

· Last night (Sunday 10/8) saw Lindsay Lohan, Mandy Moore, Minnie Driver, and The Grizzled One (George Lucas) at the Grove. Minnie Driver and Mandy Moore were in line at the Mexican place at the Farmers Market. Minnie was wearing this stripey black and white top with jeans tucked into boots and this light blue cashmere throw. She was there with another English girl, and a guy. Minnie was very conspicuous and was telling some story about some fan who came up to her and couldn't get her name right, and she kept saying "Its Minnie." Mandy Moore was in line with this nebbishy looking guy, but they looked to be friends. No canoodling to speak of. We saw Lindsay at the 10:30 showing of "The Departed." She was rocking an Elvira/Leather Daddy look. Black leggings, black leather jacket, long black hair and pale skin. There was nothing notable. We shared a brief moment in which we made eye contact with my eyes saying "Lindsay? Is it really you?" And her eyes saying "Yup, lets not make a thing out of it. Just a normal night, wearing some leather daddy outfit. Its cool." And then finally, we spotted The Grizzled One walking towards the parking garage, by that fake Paris bistro part of the Grove. He was walking hurriedly, and then just as he was about to get on the elevator, this dude called out his name and started following him.

· Sumner Redstone & wife with his pet midget, Brad Grey:

Just as I was walking into the Grill On The Alley, coming right at me is the God Emperor of Viacom with wife in tow.

Where it came from, I don't know, but I just said in the most jovial of tones, "Hi Sumner!" which he replied probably equally as impressed that a tiny piss ant like myself would even speak to him. Seemed like a really nice man, and common sense got the best of me from saying, "Way to fire that faggot! Good job!"

I was so busy admiring Sumner's dye job that Brad Grey, whom Sumner was obviously dining with, slipped by behind him. I didn't even see him, he's that small. They weren't ten feet past me when my friend told me I almost stepped on Brad, he's that small, and I'm only 5' 8"!

Ten minutes later, Emeril Lagassi came walking into the restaurant with his entourage.

He looked like he was ready to fall asleep into his Oysters on the half shell and what looked like soft peel shrimp. I wanted to go over to the table and scream, "wham!" and wake him up, just like he does every time I 'm napping during one of his segments on the Food Channel.

Thumbs up on The Grill though, a great place with great chow. Much better then Emeril could ever come-up with.

· 10/9 Saw Bruce Willis powering through the bread aisle at Bristol Farms on Beverly/Doheny, followed by some grungy-looking Cisco Adler type carrying his stuff. (Not sure Cisco Adler deserves boldface.)

· Michael Cera (George Michael from Arrested Devlopment) with his cute girlfriend at Detour last night.
Steve Carell (!!!!) at Gelson's in Studio City buying baby food and diapers Sunday at 6:30... had to gushingly tell him how much my boyfriend and I love everything he does- he was super nice!

· Two pretty good sightings while waiting to buy food within in two days. First, Saw Nicole Richie consuming food (Pinkberry) last friday, 10/6 at the West Hollywood location, Her weave was a little ratty and her skin is a very strange color from all the spray on tanning. Her and the two friends held up the line and were obnoxious, Nicole somehow managed to juggle texting on her Treo throughout the ordering process while wearing her supersized shades. She was with that girl DJ that is very 'boyish'...(a Ronson I think) and just when we thought she was done, NR handed back her yogurt (small cup) for extry fruity pebbles (no joke) and got them! Then Saturday, 10/7, saw Jules Asner (hot) and Steven Soderbergh (not so hot) buying jumbo bucket of popcorn to share for the first screening of 'The Departed' at the Chinese. Guess they must have been out to support buddy Matt Damon. They were cute together and very low key and didn't seem to mind the long concession line. (p.s.— the movie rocked!) (p.p.s.— don't worry, I'm going on a diet!)

· So skinny minnie Jessica Simpson in dark skinny jeans and a light blue flannel plaid long sleeved shirt is grocery shopping in Gelson's at Westfield Century City. She was wearing her sunglasses when she was first shopping (you know, so no one would recognize her) but took them off halfway through the store. I think she's wearing clogs, but maybe boots. Her hair is in a pony tail and is short and she really needs to get her roots done. She and her assistant went down every single aisle. Jessica is cute but who is that assistant/girl and why is she wearing the ugliest horizontal striped dress ever??

· I spent Sunday evening(10/9) at the Hollywood Bowl taking in Rogers Waters performing the Pink Floyd classic "Dark Side Of The Moon." About four boxes behind me were Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn talking to Val Kilmer. Goldie and Iceman in the same box. What are the odds? Then a few boxes to the left was none other than Garry Shandling. He didn't look high. Shocker. Then directly in front of me was Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine. How did he have better seats than Kurt and Goldie or me? Audioslave blows. Bring back Rage!

· Double sighting on Monday, 10/9. On the way to the Arclight for a screening of "Man of the Year," I passed by the Hollywood Palladium, which has been redressed to serve as the main theater for the tragically underperforming "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip." Across the street, they were setting up for an evening shoot; no stars visible but I did see Thomas Schlamme cutting it up with a crew member. Later, around 9:15 p.m., after getting out of the movie (not great, but pretty good, btw), I saw a white-blonde lady walking toward me with a younger man in a black suit by her side; upon second glance, I confirmed it was future Oscar winner Helen Mirren. They were having what looked to be a guild-sponsored screening of "The Queen" at the Arclight; I assumed Dame Helen was going there for a meet-and-greet following the movie. That may have explained the slightly pained look on her face, as if she was rushing for an appointment; still, she looked longer than her 61 (!) years - regal but still mellow. She so rocks.

· Sufjan Stevens concert at the Wiltern LG, October 9th

Danny DeVito - Someone shouted out "Danny Devito!" and someone else yelled "He's here!"
Kirsten Dunst
Toni Collette, leaving the theatre fast
Michael Cera (George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development) hanging out with fans, laughing

· I saw Kirsten Dunst at the Sufjan Stevens show at the Wiltern. It was amazing.

· 9:15am, Thurs, 10/15-Corner of Sunset and Fairfax, Elijah Wood walking east from The Coffee Bean with blended drink in hand. I, myself was walking to the pharmacy on the corner as he approached sporting black hair, black buggy sunglasses, black suit. What initially struck me was how Polly-Pocket small he is...and then I started to shudder thinking of his turn in Sin City. Little man is just creepy. He kept walking east down Sunset probably to eviscerate someone.

· September 26-Obscure sighting, ran into Johnny Galecki (Darlene's boyfriend David on Roseanne) mailing a letter on Sunset across the street from Sunset Plaza. He had on the "Please don't notice me" baseball hat / shades combo. I wouldn't have looked twice if not for the weird dye job. He's got terrible bleach-blonde hair for who the hell knows why. I only thought to mention because my 12 year old self thought he was such the art school rebel. Now, yeah...he was better on tv. Taller too.

· Just got back from Bed Bath and Beyond at the Beverly Center, where a tiny Olsen twin (which one has blonde hair now?) was loaded down with a cart full of bags. She checked out the same time as a friend and I, and we watched as a stack of cheap looking dishes were wrapped for her. A second sales associate was called to help her move the cart to her car. Apparently her brittle arms couldn't handle the weight of a full shopping cart. Wouldn't have noticed her, if not for the giant sunglasses covering her eyes (in the store, mind you), the spandex pants, weird looking tap shoes, and diamond on her finger as big as my arm. Seriously, the diamond was worth more than my life.

· Thursday 10/5.
Saw Sandra Oh getting in her prius outside of Luna Park around lunchtime. Sexy, that one.

...and I blocked this one cause he's a turd but saw Jeffrey "can I buy a chin" Sebelia of Project Runway fame on Glendale in SilverFake. He was driving a crappy Crown Vicky (cop car) and had a woman and two kids in tow. Hopefully he isn't breeding. Not that he was going to win with his constant 80's rocker rehash but he would've had a better car if he did. They win one right? This was on Sat 10/30

· friday, 06 oct - the NINE's dreamy jeremy kates (played by *scott wolf*), having an early lunch at jumpin' java in studio city with a STUNNING blonde (i believe it was his wife, former mtv: real world cast member kelley limp). he's not as big as i thought he'd be, but they were both real pretty.

Quite a Sunday for celeb seeing in Hollywood.

· 10-8 I hardly have an item of mention but I figure I have an obligation to all three of those who may care (that includes me!).

Saw Zach Braff at Greenblatt's Deli on Sunset. On his phone at the deli counter (something to the effect of "did you tell her that I was going to fly her out?").

Looked like he just worked out/woke up, did some stretching move and pulled up his t-shirt to expose a taught indie-belly. Bailed and got into a Toyota Tundra. Serious cred...

· Sunday October 8th

Wes Bentley and Carson Daly (separately) watching NFL at Hollywood Billiards Sunday afternoon.

Later Sunday night I saw Geoffrey Rush and Corey Haim (again separately) taking in Roger Waters at The Hollywood Bowl.

Corey looked very healthy and normal with his beautiful wife, while Geoffrey looked bitter and confused.

· Mischa Barton at the Malibu inn to see Fishbone.
Her: Actually very pretty.
Her Boyfriend: very, very ugly.

· Totally banner weekend of celeb sightings. Saturday night I went to see comedy readings at M Bar (not as painful as it sounds) and JERRY STILLER and ANN MEARA were there! I guess maybe a friend was doing one of the readings? I couldn't help but to think of (and involuntarily chuckle at) the "Man Bro" episode of SEINFELD. That's pretty much one of my faves. But after the show, the best part happened - Ann Meara spoke to me! She literally just came up, but her arm around my waist, and butt into our conversation! My friend actually chatted her up for a few minutes about writing. Ann seems like she may have had a few too many but so did I so who am I to judge? Then on Sunday in the parking lot of Sav On (or is it Rite Aid?) on Larchmont, I saw PETER DINKLAGE! He was driving, which is pretty cool (I suppose he has those special handles that press the gas and brakes)...a very small car. Love the irony. Some Toyota or something. Nothing fancy. I called my boyfriend in a tizzy. I LOVE Peter Dinklage, I think he's so hot. I told my boyfriend that I might dump him if Peter would give me the time of day. Alas, he drove on by...

· Sighting- ricky bobby's hot wife, carley (leslie bibb) a bloomingdales in sherman oaks. Hot, blonde, tall and not all emaciated.

· Saw Chris Robinson (Kate Hudson's husband/ex) speeding west on Sunset (through Brentwood) in his black Dodge Ram (decorated with one, solo Grateful Dead sticker). This was like at 8:00am. He looked like sh*t. Then again, he usually does.

· Slash and Stockard Channing (but not together) at Hungry Cat last night (10/03).

· friday, oct. 6, The 'Ho. Whilst lunching at little hole in the wall, Mason Jar, my lunch mates and I sat next to Tootie's Bong holder, Charlotte Rae, aka. Mrs. Edna Garrett and her lunch mate. She was super sweet and chatted with us about the restaurant (seriously, it's a great place). She even offered us some of her salad. I didn't mention the bong episode or if they were ever going to expose Jo as a carpet muncher. She did talk with her mouth full and was kinda surly when we gave her directions, but it was kinda cool to know she's still alive.

· Reporting this a bit late, but on 9/29 saw MICHAEL BOLTON lunching at the Belvedere restaurant at the Peninsula. He's rapidly aging into quite a JAMES CAAN look.

· Saturday night at the Bounty Bar on Wilshire, I saw the guy from Lost who plays Henry Gale (Michael Emerson) holding court, possibly having a book club meeting of his own. Also spotted was veteran character actor Keith David. I don't think either was with the Korean girl in a wedding dress.

· 10/4 at Madeo's - Saw Paris Latsis and was embarrassed that I recognized him immediately (that US Weekly subscription is truly rotting my brain). This alone in my book would not be worthy of a privacy watch sighting, but Stavros Niarchos walked in 5 minutes after Boy Paris left. I was waiting for Travis Barker and hoping maybe to witness Round 2 of Moakler vs. Hilton, but no such luck. I did see Fabio, though.

· Around 9 am today (10/10) I was on Larchmont getting a Starbucks when I noticed a blonde lady walking a huge, slobbery white dogs. I love dogs so I almost missed the fact that his human companion was JUDY GREER. I love her! She was fantastic on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Oh, poor ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, RIP. Anyway, Judy had no make on, dressed down, you know, walkin' the dog. Looked totally normal. She must live close by to Larchmont, I saw her there once before in the Mailboxes Etc. store.

· On my flight today (Monday, 10/9) from Vegas to Burbank:

- Kevin Richardson (late of the Backstreet Boys) and his pretty wife - she was sitting on the floor reading a tabloid, he was making phone calls and looking busy;

- Mike "Boogie" Malin, "winner" of Big Brother All-Stars, with some male friends (one of whom bore a striking resemblance to K-Fed, but alas - no such luck!) He was wearing a t-shirt pimping one of his Hollywood restaurants (Les Deux) and looks like even more of a troll-doll in person than on TV.

· Last Saturday my husband and I went to Nick's Cafe on Pico. Upon entering and I immediately recognized a gentleman facing the door in a booth with funky L.A. Eyewear-style glasses on but could not place him. We sat at the counter where he was right behind us. When I heard his accent I realized who it was Scottish actor/comedian Billy Connolly having breakfast with some unknown guy. My husband leaned to me and asked, "Why is his hair so yellow? Does he smoke a lot?"

· Saw Jeffrey Jones at the WeHo Trader Joes. Much taller and fatter than I would have guessed. But, I was there with my young son, so I just got the hell out as quickly as I could

· Seen at the Grand Ave Festival (10/7): John deLancie (Q) of Star Trek: the Next Generation Fame, wearing what looked like a robe stolen from a Lord of the Rings set.