The young stud you see here lifting 140 lb. (each!) weights is Aleksey Vayner, Yale senior and current man in the news. The Sun reports that Vayner recently sent a resume to investment bank UBS and included a promotional video:

Mr. Vayner identifies himself on his resume as a multi-sport professional athlete, the CEO of two companies, and an investment adviser. The video depicts him lifting a 495-pound weight, serving a tennis ball at 140 miles an hour, and ballroom dancing with a scantily clad female. Finally, Mr. Vayner emerges enrobed in a white karate suit and breaks six bricks in one fell swoop.
Between athletic bits, Mr. Vayner takes the opportunity to opine on success. After being described in the opening lines of the video as "a model of personal success and development to everybody," Mr. Vayner says, "Failure cannot be considered an option." He adds: "To achieve success you must first conceive it and believe in it. Remember: impossible is nothing."

Here's the video, which must be watched in full to appreciate the complete twatosity involved. Further reading should be done at IvyGate (which takes a close look at his resume and concludes "Vayner created a fake charity. He named himself CEO of a non-existent investment firm. And he plagiarized a book on the Holocaust." Dude makes Kaavya Viswanathan look like a slacker.) and Dealbreaker, which is on the story like a single hand on stack of bricks. We, of course, would also be happy to share any information you care to pass along.

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