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HP's former CEO and chairwoman told 60 Minutes last night, "When I get very angry, I get very quiet." And then she writes a book. Carly Fiorina is riding the HP scandal high, knowing she's a golden source, and each interview is secretly a pitch for her new memoir. Fiorina's story: When revealing news articles made it clear that someone on the board was leaking confidential info to the press, she put her foot down, but she didn't stomp through the law in the process.

"When no one would fess up, I said, 'We have to have an investigation.'" But, she tells 60 Minutes, her investigation didn't involve the fraud or pretexting of successive chairwoman Patricia Dunn's.

While Fiorina failed to uncover the leaker with legal means, she says, she may have been fired by those scared of being discovered. "Perhaps there were people afraid of losing their job," she tells 60 Minutes, "because they loved being an HP board member."

"I think the way this was handled was... heartless in some ways and disrespectful in other ways...maybe they took great pleasure in seeing me beat up for weeks and weeks and weeks, I don't know." Ah, sweet primetime revenge.

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